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    Miss Aydelott's Webpage!

    I teach 2nd grade at Wise Elementary Fine Arts Magnet School!

    My name is Kelly Aydelott.  I have taught at Wise for eleven and a half years.  I went to UT Tyler and graduated with a degree in Arts.  I have an extreme love for reading and writing.  I have a wonderful mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, niece, and nephew.  They are my world.  I also have 2 dogs... AKA my children. :)

    It is such a blessing to see the growth in a child every year.  This is my seventh year to teach second grade.  I have also taught first, third, and fourth grade .  This year is going to be an adventure with all the new changes, but I look forward to the challenge.  I hope to encourage your children to take risks and try their hardest.  To me, life is about jumping high and landing safely. 

    Contact Information:
    School phone number: (903) 566 - 2271
    Conference period: 10:15 -11:05




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